Frozen fruit: versatile and healthy

As a filling for a cake, a drink, in a fruit sauce or over a sorbet: frozen fruit brings flair to the table. Frozen food ensures that we always have access to our favourite fruit, such as summer berries in winter. In addition, frozen fruit is healthy and research shows that it contains at least as many vitamins as fresh fruit. Because Fruit Life only selects the best fruit and processes it in its own cold store, you can count on our frozen fruit to be of absolute top quality. Our wide range of frozen fruits is also very varied and ready for preparation.

Traditional frozen fruit: recognisable and delicious

Apples and mandarins are fruits that many Dutch people have grown up with. Not surprising because this frozen fruit is healthy, colourful and tastes delicious. That is why you will find handy apple cubes, mandarin segments and pear cubes in our range. But we also have delicious summer frozen fruit. Think peach cubes, plum halves, apricot cubes, and cherries. Choose exotic frozen fruit Bananas are at home in many markets. The full flavour of our banana slices goes well with savoury and sweet. You can also add an exotic touch to ice cream, drinks and dishes with papaya and mango cubes from our cold store. Or opt for fresh pineapple tidbits. We have frozen lychees for an oriental touch.

Frozen fruit healthy: from berries to strawberries

Berries are known for their high vitamin content. The frozen varieties are also very healthy. Blueberries, elderberries and cranberries are all in our range. You can also opt for a tasty and colourful palette of red, blue and black berries. Or try our lingonberries from the freezer. We also have delicious small summer fruits in the form of frozen strawberries and blackberries.

Discover even more beautiful frozen fruit

The versatility of our range does not stop there. We also have tasty orange or green melon balls which, for example, provide the finishing touch of a dessert. Our frozen raspberry slush or pomegranate seeds may also come in handy for your products or dishes. Finally, we also have high-quality frozen chestnuts and rhubarb.

Also try our special types of frozen fruit

In addition to the variants mentioned, we produce various handy frozen fruit mixes. You can choose from several types of forest fruit mixes or a package of different exotic fruits. We also have frozen tropical or forest fruits including juice. You can also easily offer your customers a healthy drink with Fruit Life smoothie mixes. Or add a beautiful ice cream sundae with decorative fruits to the menu.

Taste our frozen fruits

Whether you prefer to work with large or smaller packages, many of our fruits are available in various quantities. In most cases you can choose from a pack of 10 kilos or 4 times 2.5 kilos. But before you buy our frozen fruit wholesale, you might like to taste it first? This can be done by requesting a sample. Simply go to the fruit you want to try and fill out the form. Do you have any questions first? Please do not hesitate to contact us; we are happy to help!  

Would you like to recieve a sample, or do you have a refreshing idea involving fruit? We love to help you with the possibilities.

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