6-Forest fruit mix

Enrich your flavours with a frozen forest fruit mix from FruitLife

A forest fruit mix is a favourite ingredient with many chefs, bakers and ice cream specialists. The combination of different fruits with their own characteristic appearance and taste works well in all kinds of foods and drinks. For example, you can spice up any fruit salad with this fruit mix. And you can give a smoothie an appetizing boost. In short, there are many different ways to enjoy the taste of forest fruits. And what’s more, the fruits are also extremely decorative. Especially if you choose one of our frozen forest fruits products. Because we select only the finest and tastiest fruits before they go into the FruitLife freezer.


A fruit mix full of juicy forest fruits

As well as being full of flavour, our frozen forest fruit mixes are also full of healthy nutrients. Grapes, blackberries, strawberries and raspberries are real vitamin powerhouses. Not only can you see they’re healthy from their lovely red or blue colour, you can taste it as well. The fruits in every FruitLife fruit mix are wonderfully juicy and full of flavour. So you can have every confidence when you give your customers a forest fruit mix chosen from our products.


Forest fruit mix: discover the different varieties in our products

At FruitLife you can choose from three types of fruit mix with forest fruits. For example, we have a frozen forest fruit mix that consists of three different types of fruit, including blackberries and grapes. Another of our delicious products is a fruit mix containing five types of forest fruit. It also contains delicious raspberries. Our most generous variant is a forest fruit mix containing six varieties, to which strawberries have been added. You can also opt for an extra juicy fruit mix, because our product range also includes a forest fruit mix with juice.


Take advantage of our single portions of fruit mix

As well as ensuring the best quality, we also keep in mind the professionals who work with our forest fruits. That’s why we’ve divided our products into convenient portions. For example, we’ve divided our ten-kilo forest fruit mixes into four two-and-a-half kilo packs. And we’ve yet another option for the fruit mix containing six different forest fruits – ten one-kilo packs. This means you only have to use the fruit you need, while the rest stays in the freezer.


Try our frozen forest fruit mix for free

Would you also like to be able to buy lovely juicy forest fruits all year round? That’s easy – just order our frozen forest fruit mix. You can do this at your trusted catering supplier or bakery wholesaler. Would you prefer to taste our forest fruit mix first? Request a free sample and discover the rich flavours of your chosen fruit mix!

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