Apple cubes

Apple: always fresh thanks to the frozen fruit from Fruitlife

There are several reasons why apples are popular as an ingredient for all kinds of recipes, baked goods such as pies and desserts. The fresh sweet taste is a nice match with dairy, meat, various vegetables and other fruits. In addition, apples are full of fibre, minerals and vitamins, so they are perfect in a healthy diet. Finally, the apple has a cheerful colour which is an advantage in the presentation of dishes and desserts.

Producers, cooks, bakers and patissiers often choose fresh apples for their dishes. But did you know that a frozen apple also has a high vitamin and mineral content and tastes great? That certainly applies to the pieces of apple that you can buy at Fruit Life. These are freshly frozen without the addition of preservatives. So, you get 100 percent natural apples. In addition, a frozen apple from Fruit Life is immediately ready for use, you have no wasted food and what you do not use can be put back in the freezer for the next recipe.


Make it even handier with frozen apple cubes

One of our products made from frozen apple is frozen apple cubes. These are useful for stirring into a dessert, sprinkling over a dish or mixing with a batter. And there is no need to peel or cut an apple, because you can use the frozen apple cubes as they are.

The apple variety that Fruit Life uses for the cubes is the delicious Morgenduft. This apple variety is ideal for freezing and further processing in your own recipe. We offer two packagings: 4 x 2.5 kilos or 10 x 1 kilos. So you can easily choose the right dose, whether you need a large or small portion of apple pieces at a time. By the way, you can also order the semi-circular apple segments from us instead of frozen apple cubes.


And you should also try types of frozen fruit other than apple

In addition to freezing fresh apples, Fruitlife is excellent in all types of frozen fruit. From the exotic mango to the traditional pear: you will find them all in our range. Just like the frozen apple, the other fruits from our freezer are also ready for use.

You will also find delicious mixes of all kinds of frozen fruits. Or do you need fruit in a liquid form? Then you have come to the right place with us. We have beautiful, tasty fruit purées with or without the addition of sugar in our range.


We can quickly order frozen apple cubes and more at Fruit Life

Are you interested in our frozen fruit such as apple, banana, strawberries or other fruit? Then you can easily contact us order these via Or taste our frozen fruit of apple or other fruits before you buy them and request a free sample. Then you will experience how we select only the tastiest and most attractive fruits for our frozen fruit assortment!


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