Apricot cubes

Apricot: adding colour and flavour to every kitchen

Apricots are tasty and visually appealing. That’s why they’re popular in food industries. From bakeries to top restaurants and from ice cream parlours to caterers: apricots are a great addition to the range. In addition, apricots are rich in vitamins and minerals. Apricots can be bought fresh, canned or dried. But there’s another variant and that’s the frozen apricot.


For the best frozen apricots Fruit Life is the right place to be

The beautiful orange-yellow colour of the apricot skin is great in all kinds of dishes and foods. Whether it’s to add a touch of sweetness to a curry dish, or to decorate a birthday cake. Their cheerful colour is particularly striking. They also taste surprisingly sweet and so work well in many dishes. Are you going to order frozen apricot from Fruit Life? If so, be in no doubt that all the fruit’s fine qualities have been preserved.


Enjoy the convenience of our frozen apricot

Apricots are delicious, but they can also be hard work. Before you can prepare apricot dishes, they must first be peeled, pitted and cut. Fruit Life saves you all that work with handy apricot cubes. They are available from us in different packs. You can choose packs of four 2.5 kg portions or ten 1 kilo portions. Or would you prefer apricot halves? You’ll find these at Fruit Life in packs of four handy 2.5 kg portions. All our frozen fruit, including apricot, is immediately ready to use. So you don’t have to wash, peel or cut the fruits.


As well as apricots we have other frozen fruits for you to discover

Want to get even more out of the apricot flavour? Fruit Life has a delicious frozen apricot puree for you. Or add other fruits to the apricot cubes or apricot halves. In our range you’ll find all kinds of forest fruits, as well as tropical fruit. There are also apples, bananas, strawberries and many more fruits in our freezers. Maybe you’d like to create an extra healthy smoothie? Or are you looking for a new ice cream flavour? You’ll certainly find inspiration in the Fruit Life range.


Guaranteed high-quality frozen apricot

With 36 types of frozen fruit and 65 different frozen fruit purees, we are specialists in frozen fruit. Our frozen apricots and other frozen fruit meet the highest quality standards and come from the best harvest areas. In addition, all our fruits are additive-free. When you buy a frozen apricot from us, you can count on the product being 100 percent natural.

Would you like to enjoy the amazingly delicious taste of our frozen apricot? Then request a free sample. You can also buy delicious frozen apricots directly from us via bestelling@fruitlife.nl!

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