Apricot halves

Apricot from the freezer: tasty and healthy

Apricots are sweet and juicy fruits with a beautiful yellow-orange colour. This is true not only of the outside, but of the inside as well. So apricot halves work really well in all kinds of desserts. They look good and taste delicious. Apricot with ice cream, custard or whipped cream are fantastic combinations to end the meal.


Save time with apricot halves from Fruit Life

However, apricots do have one drawback. It’s quite a lot of work to clean, peel and cut the fruit. As a stone fruit, apricots have a large pit in the middle, which means that it’s not easy to cut through the fruit.

Fruit Life frozen apricots are therefore a smart solution. When you order frozen apricots from us, you’ll receive the fruits ready for use immediately. So you’ll no longer have to spend time cutting the apricots in half. To make it even easier for you, we’ve packed the frozen apricots in convenient portions. You can buy 10 kilos from us in four 2.5 kilo packs.


Discover the high quality of our frozen apricot

Like all our frozen fruit, Fruit Life apricots are top quality. We check every piece of fruit that is delivered to us. Only the best specimens are then processed and frozen by us. This way you can be sure that not only the taste and structure of the apricot are of a high quality, but also that the vitamins and minerals are preserved. That’s good news for those who eat our frozen apricots, because the fruits are rich in vitamins A, C and E, among other things.


Enjoy some variety with different sorts of frozen fruit and apricot

In addition to apricot halves, Fruit Life also has frozen diced apricots. These are easy to use in a sweet fruit salad or a savoury curry, for example. However, you can also choose one of our other delicious frozen products to combine with frozen apricot.

We have delicious red wild strawberries, juicy blueberries or fresh kiwi slices. You can also vary things with tasty fruit purees and juices from Fruit Life. For example, to give a slightly bitter taste, add a drop of lemon juice to our frozen apricot. Or opt for a little pineapple puree for an exotic and sweet effect.


Buy frozen apricots: taste how delicious our products are first

As a cook, baker or food manufacturer, of course you want to know what all the ingredients taste like. That’s easy to do for Fruit Life products. You can request a free sample for the frozen fruit you want. So would you like to try our frozen apricot before you buy a pack? Simply fill in the application form. You can also order our apricot halves directly. Send an e-mail with your order to bestelling@fruitlife.nl or go to your wholesaler for catering or bakery products.


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