Banana slices

Banana: discover the convenience of frozen banana slices

One of the most rewarding fruits to use in the kitchen is the banana. Because this fruit is a dessert in its own right. Add some ice cream or whipped cream and you’ve got a delicious, ready-made dessert. Bananas also taste delicious in pastries, smoothies and savoury dishes. So it’s not surprising that bananas crop up in all kinds of recipes. Moreover, it’s a fruit that is easy to process. Especially if you opt for Fruitlife’s frozen bananas.


The benefits of frozen banana from Fruitlife

Thanks to our range, you’ll always have a banana in the freezer that’s ready for use straightaway. Before the banana goes into the freezer, it’s already been peeled and sliced by our team. This way all you need to do is thaw the banana pieces before adding them to a dish or using them as a garnish. In addition, the frozen banana comes in ten 1 kg packs. This means you can work with smaller quantities and you don’t have to break into your entire stock of frozen bananas straightaway.


Choose high-quality frozen banana

When you buy frozen bananas from us, you can count on top quality. We only work with lovely ripe bananas that meet the highest standards. In this way, we ensure that none of our banana slices contain any blemishes, so that you can sell our frozen bananas to your customers with confidence. The high quality also applies to all our frozen fruit: from bananas to berries.


Combine other frozen fruits with banana

Bananas are beautiful tropical fruits that you can combine with other frozen fruits. For example, bananas go well with mango and pineapple in both sweet and savoury dishes. Would you like the finest tropical fruits together in one concoction? This is also possible. We’ve created a delicious exotic fruit mix containing bananas. Or opt for tropical fruit with juice if that suits your product better. You can also go for the extra healthy option with our frozen smoothies. We’ve also included banana in one of them. Take a look at our strawberry and banana smoothie mix.


Taste first or buy frozen bananas straightaway?

Would you also like to work with our fine frozen fruit? And would you like to try our frozen banana? Simply use the web form to request a free sample. Are you sure you want to use Fruitlife frozen bananas? Then you’ll find our products at your bakery raw material supplier or catering wholesaler. You can also order frozen bananas directly from us. To order, email now!

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