Mango cubes

Frozen mango: from easy cubes to ready-to-use puree.

Fresh, soft and sweet: these are the characteristics of the taste of mango. This stone fruit is native to India and grows best in tropical conditions. But you can also benefit from this delicious and healthy fruit here in the cool north. And you can even enjoy them all year round, thanks to our tasty products with frozen mango. What’s more, a frozen mango is packed with vitamins and minerals. You can count on that when the mango comes out of the Fruit Life freezer. We select only the best fruits. Every frozen mango is therefore of top quality and you can use it to easily enrich your products with flavour, vitamins and minerals.


Take advantage of the convenience of Fruit Life mango cubes.

To make it easy for you, we have frozen the mango so that you can use it immediately. Take our frozen mango cubes, for example. Maybe you have a restaurant and you want to put a savoury dish with a sweet tropical accent on the menu? With mango cubes you can do that in no time. The fruit is already pre-cut into neat squares, so you only have to add it to the dish. You can, for example, also use our frozen mango cubes as a garnish for desserts. Fruit Life also takes into account your wishes with regard to packaging. You can choose from four times a portion of 2.5 kilos or ten times a portion of 1 kilo.


Create drinks and desserts with our frozen mango purées and smoothies.

At Fruit Life, we offer more than just cubes of frozen mango. We also have delicious options for a frozen fruit smoothie with mango. You can choose a mix with strawberry or a mix with raspberry. You will also find purées of frozen fruit with mango that are useful for preparing desserts. By the way, do you like to offer your customers organic dishes or products? Then you can contact us for puréed organic frozen mango.


Discover our frozen fruit products with mango and other fruits.

Fruit Life also offers frozen mango in combination with other delicious tropical fruits. Take, for example, our exotic fruit mix or our combination of tropical fruit with juice. See? Everything is possible with our mango from the freezer. Would you like to get acquainted with the product, such as a frozen fruit smoothie with mango or the mango cubes, before ordering? Then request a free sample. We also offer this option for all our products. You can also order frozen mango directly. Simply mail your order to

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