Frozen raspberries: a beautiful fruit with many possibilities

A silky-smooth skin, a beautiful shape and a subtle sweet taste: there are so many reasons to love raspberries. These red fruits are real eye-catchers on a pastry such as petits fours or as a decoration for desserts. But raspberries also enrich smoothies with vitamins and their full red colour. As well as being beautiful and tasty, raspberries are also healthy. They are rich in vitamins, including vitamin C. They are also the source of a range of important minerals, such as potassium, phosphorus and calcium. That’s why it’s so good that they remain in top condition even under cold conditions. This means you can enjoy this summer fruit all year round with our delicious frozen raspberries.


Choose our high-quality frozen raspberries

At Fruitlife, we ensure that all fruits that are frozen with us are of the very best quality. You can therefore rest assured that every frozen raspberry has been handled with care. One variety we use for our frozen raspberries is Willamette. It is characterized by a beautiful red colour. These raspberries are also available as raspberry grit. We also have the larger Meeker raspberry variety. This is ideal for adding beautiful decoration to pastries and desserts. The advantage of this Meeker raspberry is that it loses hardly any moisture, making it ideal for decoration.


Fruitlife frozen raspberries: handy and convenient

Because we are here to help you and want to save you work, once thawed the frozen raspberries are immediately ready for use. We also provide handy packaging. This makes it easier for you to work out the quantity you need and you won’t have to throw away any frozen raspberries, so little or nothing will be wasted. You can order our frozen Willamette raspberries in four 2.5 kg or ten 1 kg packs. The Meeker raspberries are available in eight 500 g packs.


Experience a variety of delicious products with frozen raspberries

Raspberries are easy to combine with other fruits. For example, you can make delicious fruit salads or mix different fruit flavours in smoothies or simply in a bowl of yogurt. The raspberries blend in really well. Fruitlife has already come up with some great combinations of other frozen fruit and raspberry for you. We have a smoothie made with frozen raspberries and mangoes. But you will also see frozen raspberries in our delicious forest fruit mixes. You can order these from us with or without juice.


Discover delicious taste variations with our different types of frozen fruit and raspberry

You can of course also experiment with our frozen raspberries and other frozen fruit yourself. Our range includes frozen bananas, melons and apples. Or create your own forest fruit mix and discover our wild strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. We also have delicious fruit purees, including raspberry puree, which is also available in an organic variant.


Order frozen raspberries quickly and easily at Fruitlife

Would you like to try our frozen raspberries and other fruits? Then please get in touch and request a free sample. Are you already convinced about the quality of the frozen raspberries from Fruitlife? Then place your order quickly via order@fruitlife.nl!

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